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(Event) Aquarian Civil War (4462-4515 A.D)

A relatively brief civil conflict between the then newly formed resistance movement, the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet, and the Aquarian Terran Imperial States government.

(Event) Aquarian Civil War (4462-4515 A.D)

Despite initial success in the Battle of Corona in 4461 A.D., resulting in the succession of the Coronian Republic from ATIS - momentarily raising an 'independent' flag from the Imperial States, the ultimate success of the uprising was limited. After the Battle of Corona, most conflict in the Aquarian Civil War was fought either planet-side on various outer-system worlds, mostly in the Angel Reach, or by guerrilla-style space combat using 'hit and run' tactics to very little effect against the Imperial Navy. The initial success was undone after the Imperial Navy's Angel Sector Fleet launched a surprise offensive on the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet's home system of Bastion in 4462 A.D., essentially neutralising the EFPF as a viable space-bourne military force. Despite this, various insurgencies and uprisings sprang up around Aquarius for many cycles, but ultimately failed - in large part due to the effectiveness of the Universal Compliance Network imposed by ATIS on the civilian population.

When legendary captain and founder of the EFPF, Ronin Kociero, died in 4515, finally succumbing to a neurological degeneration condition caused by Angel Nebularic Virus exposure some hundreds of cycles prior, the Aquarian Civil War essentially ended with all hope at 'freedom' crushed from Aquarius entirely.

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