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(Imperial Era) Aquarian-Terran Imperial States


The Aquarian-Terran Imperial States, or ATIS, is a Sovereign Imperial state formed by the UAS Government and the Red Sector Organisation in 4402 A.D., in order to unite humanity under a single flag. As such, ATIS is no longer held to a federal constitution, instead the government is an Imperial Republic, with members of the ATIS Council being selected by both the UAS and RSEC leadership. Absolute authority remains with the Chairman or Chairwoman of the Council, similar in position to an Emperor.

The Unification Protocol dictates that the United Aquarian States submit to a highly centralised, imperial government in times of great need. The New State would be able to guide humanity and ensure its continued survival. The Protocol was passed by the Joint Presidential Council of the UAS, the then-president Vorian Senlas, and the leadership of the Red Sector, a supranational organisation that supports the Terran government in Aquarius. Opposition to the unification claim the new state, ATIS, is moving towards a fascist, totalitarian regime with an authoritarian stance on government.

However, The ATIS Council has stated that, in this new age of human kind, the previous Federal Government would be unable to maintain the peace and prosperity of the Aquarius Cluster: and a more Imperial approach was needed. Indeed, during the cycles after the declaration of the formation of ATIS, the newly restructured Aquarian Imperial Navy would be deployed to many neutral systems, marking the beginning of the New Age. ATIS and the UAS Co-exist, with the ATIS Council essentially replacing the Federal Government of the UAS; absolute authority is firmly with the Imperial Government, but the UAS Government essentially acts as a Civilian Federal Government within Imperial Space.

In recent decades, the Aquarian Terran Imperial Government has announced a more direct involvement of the RSEC organisation in the political affairs of the State, with a more direct approach to dealing with anything it considers 'seditious' against the Red Sector Director's 'vision' for humanity. Ultimately, absolute control and power over humanity in Aquarius lies with the enigmatic Director, a position of authority that transcends even the Chairman or Chairwoman of the ATIS Council, perhaps from the very start of the Imperial Era.

ATIS is known for an authoritarian stance on government, with a heavy-handed approach to removing 'dissidents', utilising a complex and highly ambitious surveillance system implemented in the 45th century, known as the Universal Compliance Network. Despite these draconian measures to state security, life for the average Aquarian citizen remains relatively luxurious, mirroring the bygone days at the height of the Old Federation, leading many would-be rebellions to question whether the Imperial approach was indeed the correct way to retain order.

Despite the high level of security and prosperity to the Aquarian economy and industry ushered in by the Imperial Age, members of the 'Old Guard' of the Old Federation, the UTN, lead a major uprising in the 45th century which would become known as the Aquarian Civil War. Despite initial success, the ATIS military, lead by the Imperial Navy, mostly regained control of the entire cluster by the dawn of the 46th century; quelling any unrest and establishing the Imperial States as the undisputed authority for humanity in the Aquarius cluster, and beyond.

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