(Non-Aquarian) UK1


A highly advanced national power that once resided within Aquarius. After a short series of border skirmishes with the UTN, the United Kingdom vanished from known space. Little data is available on the current location or circumstances of this nation.

||Exerpt from the UK1 Historical Database:


The name was applied more as a joke. Officially everyone is still under the "United Kingdom" (Although arguments still abound about "United Monarchy" instead - Even though they're a Figurehead more than a Leader)

Ultimately; The majority of UK1 people are still descendants, albeit very distantly, from that island in the Ocean back on Terra.

UK1 herself is something else entirely. Originally constructed as a Massive Mining Station during the fossil wars, built in low Lunar Orbit and capable of processing close to a million tons of rock per day; she Catapulted the United Kingdom into the forefront of political matters, as they suddenly had a near monopoly on resources available in orbit - Other factions were exploring off-world, but none ot the extent that the United Kingdom had, burning their entire economy into this one craft; It was the Lynchpin of the nation.

During the years that followed; UK1 remained in Solar Orbit, acting as a massive orbital refinery and raw materials foundary, processing materials from the Moon, captured astroids and further afield.

Steady the station was expanded, living quarters branched out, schools established, soon it became a Floating City more than just a resource processing station as things took a turn.

The UK1 insurrection nearly toppled all of that, and instead resulted in a backlash in the other direction, with the looming strife throughout the Pan-European states, the choice was placed; Stay on earth, and potentially be taken over involuntarily by another nation, or move wholesale to space.

The ultimate descision, influenced or not (History files are hazy on this subject for some reason) was that Uk1 was expanded, nearly doubling in size to accomodate the ever increasing numbers of refugees from Earth. Some chose to remain behind, but in total; The massive station, visible clearly from earth against the Moon's surface, was housing well over 30 million people, all in a mostly self-sufficient station.

It was a miracle of engineering, and one that other nations didn't take kindly to.

Around the point that other nations were looking to leave; Project Shift was announced. UK1 is transitioned from "Space Station" to "Colony Ship" - Although Ship is a loose term, her maximum accelleration at that point was fractions of a G, but she could Move.

This also meant she became all the more valuable, resulting in a lot of weaponry being grafted onto an already overloaded superstructure. Numerous issues plauged her; she wasn't designed for this load, but it was make-do-and-mend, as there was no time left to prevent it otherwise.

The coming years saw UK1 settle into Jupiter's orbit, devouring the rich asteroid belt around the planet into raw materials, using this as a bargaining chip for remaining independant, but still receving needed supplies from Earth while research continued on how to move further afield.

The breakthrough by the UTN on Subspace drives proved the key - Careful negotiation, subterfugue and reverse engineering saw a version of the drive big enough to carry UK1 herself constructed before Earth realised what was happening - and UK1 Jumped for the first time, leaving SOL forever.