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Illuvian Radacri

Illuvian Radacri

A quasi-ancient alien species of largely unknown origin. This mysterious, hive-like, insectoid race of bio-organic space vessels first appeared to Humanity in the early cycles of the 5th millenium. First contact was hostile and the resultant war would lead to, ultimately, the collapse of the Unified Terran Nations in Aquarius.

Very little data is available on the Illuvian Radacri. All known data is derived from Old Federation archives recovered from front-line Federal Navy warships, government and military research projects, or interpretations of Ancient Aurc Scriptures found dotted throughput their derelict relics in Aquarius. The very appearance of this species in known-dated Aurc artifacts indicates the Illuvian Radacri have been a space-faring species for at least 1.3 million years; long before modern human beings even evolved.

Aurc Scriptures speak of hive-like, intelligent alien species that co-existed with their dominion in Aquarius around this time, while it is not universally accepted that this species is the same as the one encountered in Tempest in 4015 A.D by the UTN, it largely believed to be descended or in some way related. According to Proto-organic interpretation of such Scriptures; the Radacri were heralded as a 'Scourge' that manifested itself to counter their growing influence: a scenario that mirrors the well-studied Ancient Aurc Tome that speaks of the Great Maikors themselves.

There is insufficient data available to determine if a war took place between the Ancient Aurc empire and the Radacri, but it is largely believed to be at least somewhat invovled in the Aurc Empire's disappearance.

|| Excerpt from [REDACTED] Log File in UTN NIA Xenology Database (4016 A.D):

These xenoforms are vastly different from our own human genetic make up, like nothing we have ever experienced before. Each of their 'vessels' is actually a organic - that is, living - entity with a complex biological and radiological eco system within it. Initial data indicates the species survives in the depths of space by absorbing stellar radiation, such as Solar Wind or Gamma Rays from distant nebulas.

They exhibit a form of hive-like sentience, potentially an organicaly evolved form of electromagnetic communication, but the data is yet unclear. It is known, however, without reasonable doubt that distant groups of these 'vessel organisms' care capable of long-range data sharing: as battlefield observation indicates such. Some scientists in our department have even gone so far as to suggest they posses a universal consciousness.

All attempts to communicate peacefully have been met with failure. The Federal Navy Command's apparent cavalier attitude to the situatuion in tempest is irresponsible and dangerous. We might have just started a war with an unknown alien species.

Was hostility even their intention? The Navy believes so, but I beg to differ. But I fear it is too late now, and we will likely never know the answer to that question.

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