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Senlani Sector Rim Federation

Senlani Sector Rim Federation

The Senlani are a terran-descendant race from the Sector Rim Nebula, G-East of the Deep Red. The Sector Rim Federation is both technologically and culturally advanced, and a major trading partner to the Vuljcyon Conglomerate. Well known for their expert craftsmanship and engineering prowess, Senlani draughtsmen are highly sought after throughout the Trade Alliance.

A relatively young space-faring species that settled in the Sector Rim Nebula some hundred thousand years ago. The original ancestry of the Senlani race is shrouded in mystery to terran scholars due to the reserved nature of their culture. The Senlani story of origin is perhaps closer to humanity's own than one might think, and indeed, one would be forgiven for thinking that this terran-descendent race was related to humanity in some distant, ancient capacity.

Though they hail from the Sector Rim Nebula - named so by Senlani Explorers from the Early Age of their civilisation, being on the border of known space - itself a clue to the fact that this species did not originate from the Aquarius Cluster, or perhaps, even the Archimedes Galaxy. The Early Age, also known as the First Era in Senlani historical records, tells of their forbearers being nomadic explorers, traveling the length and breadth of space until they found new worlds to settle and call their own. During this age, a massive space vessel landed upon a world in the Blue-hued Nebula that was to be known as the Sector Rim. For thousands of years the nomads settled and lost knowledge of their past, or where they came from. Eventually forming a civilisation based on arts, culture and craftsmanship - a Federation - something that terran-descendents historically favour as a form of government.

The Sector Rim Federation has a proud and stable history as the major power of the Blue Nebula, the Sector Rim Nebula, but its origin eludes it to the current day. The culture is based around expression of art, culture and literature, master craftsmanship and highly advanced ship-building for space-faring vessels true to their nomadic, explorer ancestors.

The Senlani are a peaceful, highly culturally and technologically advanced race, biologically similar to other terran-descended race such as the humans of Aquarius. Bipedal, two arms with posable manipulator extremities (hands), a large, developed cranium and two large, fully black eyes in deep sockets within their skulls. They differ from humans in that they lack any distinct nasal development, or at least, one that protrudes from their face. Instead, they have a flat, downward facing bone sheet that extends to their jawline; covered in porous skin that absorbs oxygen from the environment. Their skin is typically pale, and highly radiation resistant, reflecting the highly radiologically active nebulae of their home worlds.

The Senlani homeworld of Senlus, in the Ulphrateus system, is a frigid world orbiting a cool, low-energy star. The average surface temperature of -4*C would be uncomfortable for humans but tolerable, as the atmosphere is thick and mostly nitrogen-oxygen based, similar to the human homeworld of Earth. Senlus is extensively developed by the modern age, as with most space-faring civilisations' capital worlds, it is almost entirely covered with a sprawling metropolis of city-scapes that spreads as far as the eye can see, across the blue-tinted horizon. Senlani craftsmanship and artistic expression results in beautiful building designs that flow with the natural landscape and crystal rocks, mimicking their smooth lines and reflective surface. It is upon this world that the famous Senlani Guild of Draughtsmen forge their highly advanced starship components ready for assembly in Senlus's extensively developed orbital infrastructure.

The Sector Rim Federation is not particularly large, but is very stable. The outwardly attitude of the Federation is that of peace and de-escalation of conflict - preferring diplomatic options to hostility. As such, the SRF was quick to establish a firm relationship with their closest neighbour from the stark-contrasting Deep Red Nebula, the Vujlcyon Conglomerate. Since then, the Senlani have exported their knowledge and craftsmanship in starship hull design to the Cordial Trade Alliance, and forged a place for themselves in the inter-species community of the Aquarius Cluster.

|| Notes on origin of the Senlani
Ancient Aurc scriptures interpreted by Senlani scholars have shed light on the origin of the species, and tell of a world known as Tersiusea, from beyond the Great Void of Space, likely in reference to another Galaxy or quadrant in the Archimedes Galaxy. Upon the world of Tersiusea, an ancient, space-faring race of Terrans sought to exploit the world for unknown reasons. Upon their arrival, another ancient species translated as the 'Ska'hirr' defied the Terrans to protect Tersiusea's natural beauty and order. The resultant war resulted in a catastrophic event impacting the world and eradicating most of the natural world, leaving only a few survivors of both ancient species. The Terrans that left Tersiusea, rediscovering their ancient orbital vessels, journeyed into space for thousands of years as nomads, seeking a new world for themselves, eventually finding Aquarius and settling the Blue Nebula. They would become known as the Senlani from the Ancient Terran Dialect meaning "Cultured".

The same scriptures also tell of another terran-descendent race, remaining on Tersiusea, eventually forming a hybrid species from local fauna. The 'Ska'hirr' are referenced by the Tyandirr's own Culture as the Ancestors, from the world known to them as "Origin". The second, terran-descendent hybrid race is often believed to be humanity, as Tersiusea's data is consistent with that of the old Earth's and that of "Origin". As such, the Senlani and Human species are likely descended from the same, unknown, ancient Terran race that existed over a hundred million years ago, at the height of the Aurc Empire.

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