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Vujlcyon Conglomerate

Vujlcyon Conglomerate

Vujlcyon are a humanoid, bi-pedal species hailing from the Planet Vujlcyia, in the Deep Red, Sagittarius Cluster. The Vujlcyon Conglomerate is a interstellar trade alliance of Megacorporations that govern all affairs in Vujclyon space.

Vujlcyon Conglomerate is a unification of hundreds of Vujlcyon Corporations, and forms the Vujlcyon government, social and cultural structure. The Vujlcyon Conglomerate use the Trading Calendar, which started when the Vujlcyon clans first united in the first deal; approximately 3,817 Vujlcyon Years ago. (~6,985 Earth years, 1 Vujlcyon Year = 1.83 Earth Years). So VC date is '3817 TC'. The Conglomerate achieved space flight in Circa ~213 TC.

The Vujlcyon Conglomerate's governing body is the Trade Council, chaired by the Executive Manager of the Conglomerate. Seated on the largest Factory Complex in Vujlcyon space; the Vocrelis Manufacturing Complex; the Trade Council oversees the Vujlcyon Clans' daily activities; regulating deals and ensuring all trade is fair and complies with the Vujlcyon's lax, but still present laws. The government is a Meritocracy, based on individual performance. For example, the position of Executive Manager can only be attained by the most skilled and business-minded Vujlcyon, usually rising up the ranks of a leading Corporate Clan by striking excellent deals and bringing fortune to the Clan. This merit is recognised by the Trade Council, who appoint the Manager themselves. Positions on the Council are cycled every Vujlcyon Cycle (roughly two human years) by selecting the best Clan Managers. This naturally means the Vujlcyon government is very dynamic, and shifts easily.

The government's main purpose is to oversee, and host all trade in the Conglomerate. The Corporate Clans are highly autonomous, and often times govern themselves. The Trade Council acts to ensure all deals are fair and benefit both parties; however, not all deals can be monitored given the Conglomerate's size, so shady and less-than-legal deals often take place.

The Corporate Clans are made up of a Corporate Manager, who is appointed by the Company's Executive Board. Vujlcyon Government from this point down is very similar to the authority higherarchy in a business, with bosses and managers overseeing supervisors and finally workers at the bottom.

Each world under Conglomerate control has a leading Corporation, or Corporate Clan, which governs that world based on the same meritocrasy as the overall Trade Council. Each of these worlds has a Trade Minister on the Trade Council, acting as a representative of that system, and their dealings. It is their duty to submit a report to the Council each cycle reporting on profits, or losses. In the case of the latter; a full Council review or even a liquidation of the system's Corporate Clan could occur.

Foreign Policy.
The Vujlcyon stance on other species is simple; trade and deal with them, other races are merely customers to the Conglomerate's Industrial Complex. Whenever new contact is made, almost the first thing that the Trade Council will offer, after the new species has been deemed safe to communicate with by the Vujlcyon Trade and Merchant Defence Council, is a limited Trade Deal. This entails being able to trade with the Conglomerate and its allied races, but is limited at first. For example, certain products are restricted and hefty tariffs would be in place on Limited Trade Races' import and Exports. (This is usually offset by the incredible amount of cheap wares for sale; prices driven down by the Conglomerate's massive manufacturing capability always meaning there is a supply for any demands). As the race gains trust, they will eventually be offered a place in the 'Five Trade Alliance' which would be amended to be the “SixTrade Alliance” with each new race, and so on.

The Vujlcyon Conglomerate's Industrial might is second to none. A economic and industrial powerhouse, the Conglomerate's production capability is simply huge; most, if not all Vujlcyon controlled worlds are dominated by Factory Complexes and manufacturing plants. Volcyia, the Conglomerate's homeworld, is so heavily developed by the industrial sector that the entire surface of the world is covered by kilometre-thick layers of manufactoring plants and facilities.

This huge production capability is leveraged to produce an endless supply of wares, components and countless other products for the Conglomerate's Trading Partners and Economy. With an almost inexhaustable supply, the Conglomerate is always searching for new customers; turning products into Crels is the Vujlcyon way of life.

The Vujlcyon Conglomerate's military forces are tasked with protecting Trade and Merchant activities throughout Vujlcyon space and beyond. Although Trade Partner races supply their own defences, some arrangements allow the Vujlcyon Navy to operate in their space. The centre-piece of the Vujlcyon Military is the Trade Defence Fleet. The TDF is an enormous collection of converted Merchant craft and purpose-built warships that ensures Vujlcyon peace and prosperity wherever their deals may take them, both foreign and domestic.

Vujlcyon warships often posses huge, expansive cargo holds and strong armour. Whilst lacking in speed and mobility, the Vujlcyon Navy prides itself on strong, rugged and robust constuctions, paired with large-caliber, chemical-propellant kinetic weaponry produced by the militant Tyandirr.

The Conglomerate's Trade Defence Fleet was largely formed from converted VC transports and merchant vessels, however, in recent times; the VC have employed Senlani master draughtsmen to create purpose-built warships, that also double as trading craft. This partnership has lead to the Trade Defence Fleet being a surprisngly potent military force.

In times of peace, the Navy also acts as a Trading Fleet for dangerous sectors; with Vujlcyon Warships' huge hangars and bays being used to carry wares to the most remote sectors, safely.

The Vujlcyon Conglomerate has seen very few wars in its history; the peaceful, trading nature of the species has seen to that. However, in the event of hostilites, the Conglomerate's Military might is staunchly positioned to defend Vujlcyon assets whatever the costs. The primary tactic in the event of hostile action is a strong defencive line. The Trade Defence Fleet will rarely make offensive moves, only taking necessary action to protect Vujlcyon assets and borders; this minimises the cost of such hostilies to the Trade Council.

Vujlcyon Warships are robust, heavily armoured vessels capable of holding a defencive line; unleashing blankets of high-explosive ammunition at anything that attempts to breach that line. Typical fleet formation is Line Abreast or a "Wall" formation; with larger Vujlcyon warships positioned in such a way that their immense broadsides can be fully unleashed.

Highly effective in close range engagments, Vujlcyon Battleships can unleash incredible firepower. However, though powerful, their bulk-produced, low-cost Chemical Propellant weapon systems are somewhat ineffective at longer ranges. To offset this; Trade Defence Captains often employ Burst Ammunition at longer distances; eliminating the need for direct hits. This ammunition can range from smaller cluster-flak shells to several megaton nuclear charges.

Vujlcyon are a humanoid, bi-pedal species hailing from the Planet Vujlcyia, in the Deep Red, Sagittarius Cluster. Vujlcyia's strong gravity and thick atmosphere means the Vujlcyian have a very solid skeletal structure and powerful muscles. Standing roughly seven and a half foot tall, the average adult Vujlcyon has coarse, pale green skin covered with a fine 'fur' type coating, that is actually microscopic scales developed to protect their skin from acidic compounds in Volcyia's atmosphere. This 'fur' appears to have a shiny, almost 'velvet' appearance.

The Vujlcyon respiratory system is far more expansive and of significantly larger capacity than the average human's; the thick Volcyian Atmosphere is almost three times the density per cubic metre what would be comfortable for a human. Vujlcyon have four lungs for filtering this gaseous soup, and break it down into usable chemical compounds; namely Ammonia, which is essential for Vujlcyon life.

The Vujlcyon have two eyes, like humans. But they are a distinctive deep black colour; seeming to posses no pupils. Their eye sockets are also smaller than humans; with a thick membrane covering their eyes, developed to protect them from harmful substances in Volcyia's atmosphere. Vujlcyon Vision is good, they seem to posses superior night and low-light vision, but often find bright lights uncomfortable. This is likely due to the lack of bright light on their homeworld during their development; thick, permanent acid clouds actually make Volcyia's Surface (even before the pollution) relativly dark, despite the large Red Giant it orbits.

The cranial structure of the Vujlcyon is very angular and rigid; their skulls taper into a triangular ridge at the rear of their heads, with a rough, hardened bone surface across from their foreheads to this ridge. Like the rest of the Vujlcyon form, their cranium is incredibly strong, developed to resist Volcyia's crushing atmospheric pressure.

The Vujlcyon distinctively lack a nose; instead, a smooth ridge of bone covers the gap between their eyes and jaw, giving them a 'masked' appearance to other species, female Vujlcyon have a flatter, more angular ridge, whislt males tend to be quite bulbous. Their Jaw is somewhat wider than a human's, with thicker bone structure and significantly more powerful muscles. The Vujlcyon have a set of blunt, inset teeth within this jaw, adept at crushing the hardened shells of Volcyia's natural plant life.

Vujlcyon are bi-pedal; possessing two arms and two legs. Their limbs bones are far thicker than a human's with bands of powerful muscles allowing them to move their heavy bodies within the harsh atmosphere and strong gravity of their homeworld. Their elbows have a distinctive, protruding ridge of bone that extends from the upper arm bone, forming a sort of claw, a remenant of their primitive early historical biology. The Vujlcyon hand has seven digits; three large, powerful 'thumbs' two on the inside and one on the outside act as the primary opposable digits, with the space between them occupied by four smaller, more precision-orientated 'finger's that Vujlcyon often clench into their palms when not in use.

The Vujlcyon are very strong. More than capable of overpowering an adult human male, this is a trait of the dense atmosphere and strong gravity of their homeworld. They appear very 'stocky', with large concentrations of powerful muscles.

Vujlcyon live for about 70-80 Vujlcyon Years. Average life expectancy in Earth years for the average Vujlcyon is 137 years.

Despite their appearance and great strength, the Vujlcyon are not an aggressive race by nature. Vujlcyon Culture is centred around trade, merchandising and production. This trait deems to have stemmed from the early tribes of Volcyia; always seeking to trade wares and barter rather than wage war. As a result, the Vujlcyon have become highly successful; forging trading alliances with many other races – culminating in the Fifteen Trade Alliance; a massive, inter-stellar trading alliance stretching over thousands of systems.

The Vujlcyon way of life is centred on trade and money. Almost all deals in the Conglomerate are done on this basis. Individual Vujlcyon always seek to get the best deal, they always look to provide the best wares; even on a personal basis; trading takes place between great friends and even partners of individual Vujlcyon. A good deal is considered the best gift a Vujlcyon can get his partner to seal their relationship.

As such, Vujlcyon culture revolves around the well-oiled machine that is the Conglomerate's Industrial power and Economy. Society is made up of the Vujlcyon Corporate Clans; representing the Vujlcyon People as a whole; trading and striking deals to settle daily matters.

The Vujlcyon have distinctively 'grey' morals. They are known to pursue profit in many ways and methods that other races would deem unethic. An example of this is the Vujlcyon "underworld" also known as the Shadow Corporations. To the other races, especially highly moral species such as the Senlani and Humanity; the Vujlcyon have a certain hypocrisy, or 'front'; they officially support good moral conducts and outlaw taboos such as slavery and sentient species trafficking, but internally, these things are considered morally acceptable to the average Vujlcyon in the name of profit. Hence, the Vujlcyon "underworld" is a thriving black market largely hidden from the other races.

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