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Planetary Vehicles - ATIS

Planetary Vehicles in use by the Aquarian Terran Imperial States


(Dropship) GS-T


(MBT) T-4405 Ogre

Mainstay Heavy Assault Tank of the Aquarian-Terran Imperial States' Imperial Planetary Forces


(IFV) ILT-4412 Barghest

Light Infantry Fighting Vehicle based on the Griffin Light Recon Tank chassis.


(IFV) T-4406 Minotaur

State-of-the-art Infantry Fighting Vehicle developed alongside the T-4406 Ogre Main Battle Tank to serve the Imperial Planetary Forces and Marine Mechanised Divisions into the 46th century.


(MBT) HPAV-2205G

A Main Battle Tank employed by the ATIS Planetary Forces during the transitionary period between the New Federal and Imperial Eras. It was the mainstay of the armoured surface warfare capability of the Imperial military - and the first Gravimetrically propelled MBT - before being replaced by the T-4406 Ogre in 4425 A.D as part of the Imperial Planetary Forces' modernisation program.

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