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Angel Sector Fleet - 1st Expeditionary Fleet

Angel Sector Fleet - 1st Expeditionary Fleet

The Angel Sector Fleet's 1st Expeditionary Fleet (ASF-1EF) is one of the largest and most capable branches of the Aquarian Imperial Navy. Due to the Angel Sector's operational territory encompassing highly dangerous border regions in the Angel Reach and Angel-South Gap, including the EPF's home sector of the Angel's Hook and the border to the Crimson-North region, the ASF-1EF is responsible for providing the Sector and the AIN as a whole with a powerful expeditionary fleet capable of carrying out a wide variety of operations in and beyond Imperial space.

Angel Sector 1st Expeditionary is notable for being the first Navy Fleet assigned with large volumes of the relatively new RE-II-class Battlecruiser - possessing a powerful Inter-System Ballistic Missile (ISBM) capability with new SPARTAN 4th and 5th generation FCS. As a result, this fleet is able to operate beyond Imperial Space at extreme distances, able to project considerable military firepower to wherever ATIS sees fit.

The primary stated role of the ASF-1EF, according to the AIN's Supreme Admiralty on Lorentis, is to act as a forward outward-facing capability, focused on offensive operations - or forward defensive - beyond known Imperial Space. In this case, it, along with the 2nd and 3rd Expeditionary Fleets of the Angel Sector, are responsible for conducting most military operations in the Angel-South, Crimson-North and Angel Nebula regions.

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