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Planetary Vehicles - Independent

(Dropship) Z-35 "Osprey"

A multi-purpose, orbit-to-surface capable, all-atmospheric dropship craft developed by the former Phoenix Republic in the early 4th millennium. Modern iterations of the Osprey are mostly Rockal Armaments Corporation's upgraded Z-35 variant of the original Z-30 design in use by the PR Military. The platform is reliable and relatively cheap to operate, as such has become popular with paramilitary forces throughout outer Aquarius.

(Wheeled AFV) T-270B "Titan"

A wheeled armoured combat vehicle originally designed and built by the Central Earth Government for export to the Phoenix Republic in South Aquarius, before the UTN annexation in 3776 A.D. The T-270 was designed for rapid deployment, low costs of maintenance and urban warfare for planetary paramilitaries.

(Wheeled AFV)(Marauders)AFV-4 Coyote Light Recon Armoured Vehicle

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