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(//RP) I had "Great Maikors" before Doom Eternal had "Maykor"

Yes there are similarities, but unless Maykors were part of Doom's lore since the early 2000s (I mean, it's possible, but still unrelated to my universe's version), then I had it first. "Maikors" was a spelling made alien by a 12-year old me of the term (obviously) "Makers" and it actually came from inspiration from the progenitor "Movers" from Homeworld 2.

Furthermore, the notion that the Maikors "retreat from the universe" after creating a great evil is also VERY similar to the theme in Doom Eternal's lore and again, is completely unrelated. It may seem like my universe literally ripped that straight from Doom Eternal, but alas, no, this was my theme a long time before Doom Eternal launched.

The inspiration for the "Scourge" (a counterbalance force in Aurc Scripture) actually came from the game Perimeter.

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