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(//RP Update)Small correction to Starship/Station power plant outputs.

// Note this post is OOC (//)

I was out by at least an order of magnitude on the power output of HBCF Reactors, after reading that Chernobyl could output a Gigawatt per reactor. Woops.

Equipment efficiency also increased dramatically going through the centuries, and the size of the powerplants also decreased, so while most cruiser-size warships of the 45th century "only" have multiple 1000-1500 MW Reactors, they are often barely larger than a 21st century house; including all ancillary generation equipment required to output usable electrical potential via Radioelectric Generators, with very little wasted energy. Efficiency on ATIS-standard HBCF reactor units is above 95%, and that is considered quite conservative.

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