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16 cores? 32 Threads? You didn't actually think I could get rid of that, did you?


I was being a Spongey Sponge when I said I was going to sell my Fucking Awesome Ryzen 9 3950X. Truth is, this processor has now survived one Impulse Attempt.

So, it's:

3950X: 1

Sash Impulse: 0

That means it must be a really, really good product. Well, the RTX 2070 and 2060 Super both didn't survive the Impulses. Because Novideo sucks.

That's a joke, please don't hurt me.

Anyway, I'm keeping the 3950X because it turns out that having to wait >2X longer in Rush to render videos is a bit annoying now that I don't have another PC to play games on. Well, I could play on my mum's Ryzen 5 3400G system; but I don't want to have to go downstairs for that. Because I'm lazy.

I did sell my pointless Gen4 SSD, though. Because it's, well, pointless and has no real-world advantages over a gen3 model, with the space capacity for half the price. So yeah. I also sold my expensive RAM (to my old friend, who is going to put it in a Ryzen TR 1920X, sweet!). So I'm using some cheaper RAM I had lying around. I also sold the 3700X since I wasn't using it (only for WCG, but I Have 3x 2700 for that, and the 3700X holds a lot more monetary resale value).

So I still made some money to help with the somewhat slightly bloated CC bill this month. >_>

I also bought an 8GB RX 5500 XT. Wait, what?

Yes I know it's slower and more expensive than the RX 590 I have, but two reasons:

Firstly, I want to do a test between this card and the RX 590. A true showdown between the slightly crippled Polaris 11 replacement, versus the Beefiest, Fattest, Fully-Enabled Polaris 30 monstrosity that is the RX 590. Also efficiency... that brings me to the second point;

I want the same (ish) performance at half the power consumption, please. I don't have to justify myself, other than saying my case has only one small exhaust fan (long story) and I want to dump less heat in the box since it also heats up everything else (M.2 SSD, CPU, VRM, etc).

So that's that.


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