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Assorted Role Plays: Maikor Warships (early)

A fact-file attempt for the various incarnations of the automated combatant drones and vessels that once served the Great Maikors, and remain in the universe from billions of years ago. By the way, the Maikor Drone ships were inspired by the Progenitors from the Homeworld games. <3

This is an older piece due to my wording on the Maikors. In later more recent role plays i emphasis the mystery more, and I actually left a lot of their backstory and lore delibetately vague, to add a mystery to them, and maybe allow them to develop on their own as the Role Play progressed.


Maikor ships:

Drone -

A small, fast and very agile craft. Drones are the most common of all Maikor ships and are usually seen gliding through debris fields and asteroid belts. As with all Maikor ships, very little is known about the Drone except for the fact that it can asimilate and construct Maikor tech. They are believed to be a builder or a worker ship, and probably helped build the original maikor empire. Despite this, Drones are relativly heavly armed and present a real threat to any smaller civilian and even military vessels. Due to their speed, they are also believed to be used by the Maikors as scouts, capable of establishing a significant Maikor presence in a distant sector in minutes without the need of heavy convoys or jump-gates.

Defender -

The Defender is very numerous in Core Maikor sectors, where it is usually seen escorting Drones to and fro asteroid belts and in some cases, even Maikor Dreadnaughts. Info on this craft is minimal, but reports on encounters and scientifil analysis indicate it probably is the Maikor equivilent of a frigate or heavy corvette in role. But as with most Maikor ships is significantly smaller and much more advanced than human vessels of the same "type". The Defender is heavily armed and armoured and serves as the light combat craft of the Maikors. It poses a very significant to human vessels of any size and type, as it ussualy travels in "packs" of about 3-4 craft, making it highly efficient in battle. Unlike the Drone, the Defender is equiped with a Maikor shield and high grade Maikor weapons. Despite their huge armament and defenses, Defenders can fly circles around a Hawk class light scout corvette despite being almost twice the size. The Defender is a good example of the total technological superiority of the Maikors over terrestrial life.

Guardian -

One of the most well known Maikor ships, Guardians, as their name suggests, are almost always seen in close proximity to important Maikor artificacts and relics. Also, the Guardian is the most understood Maikor ship due to their presence near the artifacts that humanity as shown great scientific interest in. The Guardian is the "Vanguard" of any Relics of Maikor culture, designed by the Maikors to safeguard their species's culture and way of life for eternity. And for this very large task, they are equipped to the extreme with advanced Maikor weapons and shielding. Posessing a single Maikor Dreadnaught Cannon, the Guardian is lethal. Even a single Guardian presents a huge threat to a large military armada, and is best left un-provoked. The Guardian won't attack any humans or terrestrial life as long as they leave the relics it guards where it rests. However they seem to allow analysis and examination of the relic.

Hunter -

Almost nothing is known about the Hunter, save its name. Although research has indicated that it is probably a warship, maybe the Maikor equivalent of a cruiser. The Hunter is rarely seen, but on the few occasions where it has been encountered it was very quickly established that this craft posesses extreme destructive capabilities.

Stalker -

The Stalker is one of the first "2nd generation" Maikor ships, and is about the same size as the Defender, but posesses far different technology. Believed to be a deep recon or scout of the Maikors, the Stalker possesses an yet unknown cloaking technology and can remain un-detected anywhere any time. The only way we can see them is if they want us to. Due to this, the Stalker remains somewhat of a mystery to scientists.

Super Dreadnaught -

A true embodyment of Maikor supremecy, this beast's terrifingly powerful weapons are only matched by its sheer size. The Super Dreadnaught is the Maikor's answer to angry gods, and posesses the power to destroy entire solar systems. Super Dreadnaughts are the un-matched, un-stoppable, fearless and ultimatly powerful weapons of the Maikors. The ablity to carry a large fleet of Dreadnaughts, Hunters, Defenders and Drones, coupled with weapons of un-imaginable power and technology so great that it rivals gods, the Super Dreadnaught truely is invulnerable. Only one Super Dreadnaught is known to exist, and is deep in a sealed system, it was appropriatly known as "the Devestator" It is believed that the "Devestator" took as long as time itself to construct, and is the only Super Dreadnaught in existance. However, recent studies of nearby galaxys, and even the milkyway have revealed that the core of every galaxy, the singularity that everything seems to orbit, is not a natural formation...

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