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Assorted Role Plays: "NGHCV-1"

I just typed it right now. I want to design a Main Battle Tank in Studio (from bricklink). And then render it photorealistically. That would be really cool. Anyway, this is obviously canon but takes place before the current events in my timeline. (around the middle lof the 3rd millenium). I plan to make a bunch of these small story concepts in that time during the height of the Unified Terran Nations.


The venerable "HCV-3 Titan" has been in service with the Federal Planetary Forces, and Federal Marines for four long centuries. During this time, the platform has recieved multiple updates and modernisations intended to prolong its effective lifespan in front-line combat situations across Aquarius - and beyond. Designed in 2912 to replace the aging "HCV-2 Caterpillar", which itself was a modernisation of the original "HCV-1 Tank" design, shortly after the foundation of the UTN in 2238 A.D , for a modern, orbital-drop capable Main Battle Tank for the UTN Armed Forces.

Main Battle Tanks, or Heavy Combat Vehicles as known by the Federal Armed Forces, are expected to stay in service for several hundred standard cycles, being modernised on a continual basis. Over these four centuries, the "Titan" has proven itself a worthy combat vehicle, being able to go toe-to-toe with the strongest enemy armour in the harshest conditions, and earning great respect amongst its crews. However, the time has come for a new platform to be put forward, in order to modernise the Federal Planetary Forces and Federal Marines for future combat engagments, and maintain our technological and military superiority in the cluster.

As such, a new plan is being drafted to replace the "Titan". The new platform and all resultant prototypes will be known under the "New Generation Heavy Combat Vehicle" program, or "NGHCV-1". The project is highly confidential and on a need-to-know basis, so full security cleanance is required from the highest authority. We cannot let enemies - or potential enemies - of the Federation, gain access to information on this project.

This document will contain the requirements set by the Federal Planetary Forces and Federal Marines, for the NGHCV-1 project. This information is to be provided to the corporations prior to their development of a prototype. Five key elements have been identified:

  1. During combat, UTN Military personel expressed a requirement for a more potent primary weapon system. Recent developments in Phoenix Military vehicle technology has presented a new challenge for the existing weapon system on the "Titan" Platform. Extreme Armour Penetration is required, as such a larger primary weapon is needed.

  2. The platform must retain high mobility. Existing "Titan" Platform is a highly mobile, all-terrain combat vehicle. "NGHCV" project must not sacrifice mobility in all key areas despite increased firepower.

  3. Upgraded Protection Package. In order to maintain high mobility, superior firepower without sacrificing protection, "NGHCV" project must utilise the latest advancements in organic and nano-composite armour technology. Further upgrades to the APS and shielding is expected to be integrated in all base models.

  4. Improved Propulsion. Upgraded, magneto-drive repulsor propulsion system, a further enhancement of existing "Titan" platform. Extreme acelleration in combat situations and high cruising speed, all-direction mobility and a high flight ceiling for maximum all-terrain traversal are required.

  5. "NGHCV" project is expected to be able to provide limited infantry embarkment. The platform must be able to accommodate at least 6 fully equiped Federal Marines or Service Personel, including at least 2 personel with powered exoskeletons. This is deemed critical to allow "NGHCV" platform to bridge the gap to more dedicated APC and IFV class vehicles, allowing simplication of the Planetary Forces mechanised deployment.

Two leading Federal Core-space corporations have been selected to produce the "NGHCV" Platform.

  • Coron Heavy Industry and Armaments(CHIA) (Coron)

  • A.R.A.S Planetech and Industry Corp. (ARASPIC) (Eris)

The Project must take no longer than 2 cycles. Prototypes will be submitted to the Federal Military Technology Commission within this time for trials and selection.

<<< Further updates will be posted to this channel. >>>

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