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"Brutus". From "Overclocking" Discord Server gets a Tools Post.

In this life, it is essential to keep Tools in check. That is, by calling them out for their spreading of misinformation. One such tool is "Brutus | Intel User" from the "Overclocking" Discord. Of course, Sash would never willingly join such a pointless community without some serious agenda to fulfil, so I will post it here.

You might have noticed that someone willing to advertise the fact that they are an "Intel User" in the current climate might be a giveaway as to the nature of this person. I mean, even Sash doesn't put "AMD User" after his name, even when AMD has the objectively superior processor designs in all possible metrics on the market right now. (Fanboy Sash, or objective facts? - Try and dispute it).

So this post is a shout out to "Brutus", you has achieved the "Second Most Retarded Tool" award from Sash, falling only slightly short of our beloved Super Tool, Patr!ck.

Don't expect a Congratulations, Brutus!

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