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(CPU Test) BrickLink Photorealistic Renderer CPU Render test 5800X vs 3900XT vs OC 2950X.

I can neither confirm nor deny this post is to help maintain the integrity of my 2950X's GIANT 16-CORE CHODE, and also Zen+ is my bae <3 (This is a joke, if you genuinely think I cling to older architectures arbitrarily despite owning and using more efficient ones, then you are probably not able to decipher my unironically autistic sarcastic, desert-dry sense of humour).

Anyway, the reason I like Zen+ (R2000 and 3000G series) is because it was AMD's best launch for Ryzen, smooth, well priced, excellent performance and great value. Zen2 and 3 have been a bit more shaky with some price increases for the latter, and some teething issues with the former, but overall, Zen+ is the benchmark for great CPU launches in my opinion.

Anyway, enough babbling, I tested my 3 contenders for doing CPU renders in brick link's software which you may have noticed that I use extensively for my Role Play Universe to create models and render them photo realistically for my art works.

Many people will tell me this test isn't fair, because I overclocked tthe 2950X to, pretty much, the max I was comfortable on the cooling I had (360m AIO + cold air from open window) while the 5800X and 3900XT were stock, not even PBO. Yes, it's not "fair" but that's an emotional term used by fanboys to defend their favourite products. Test is valid for me because I only own a mobo/cooler capable enough to take a CPU to that OC limit for long renders, for my X399 TR platform. So the 2950X is simply using what I have available to get the mot performance. For PBO on the other two (they are air cooled, by the way) I would want an AIO at the minimum as I get nervous if my CPUs get over 80C for prolonged periods. Anyway, that test may come in the future. Maybe. as I am confident a manually tuned 3900XT could potentially match the fully OC 2950X but with way less power. We'll see.

Here's the video:

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