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Crunchy McCrunchington (World Community Grid)

I did this for a long time before, when I was part of the TechPowerUp community. But if online communities have taught me anything, it's that I don't want to be a part of them. This was a really good thing for me, it allowed me to bridge my passion for processors with my passion for helping people and doing good, without the issue of anxiety messing it up for me.

So I decided to start World Community Grid again. I have a plan to set up a 'farm' again, to crunch those numbers for SCIENCE! So far, I am just using my main PC with the Ryzen 7 2700X. I have a special profile set up for it, in Ryzen Master, that limits socket power to around 75 Watts. This results in a core voltage of around 1.0V (-/+ 25mV) and a clock speed on all eight cores ranging between 3300 to 3500 MHz. It is mostly around 3.4 GHz on average from what I have seen. This is from what I have read, the efficiency 'sweet spot' of Zen1/+ architecture where performance per watt is the highest.

The great thing is, that with the 8 core 2700X, I can crunch and play games at the same time. It's like a hobby in a way for me, and I forgot how much I enjoyed knowing that my CPU is also helping - however small - medicine and science.

My Plans?

I have a plan to set up a crunching 'farm' again. I have a spare computer with a B350 motherboard, currently with a Ryzen 3 1200 quad-core CPU in it. I am going to have a look for a second-hand or discounted Ryzen 7 2700 (65W) eight-core CPU for this PC and set it up with Linux for a dedicated, 24/7 Cruncher, for SCIENCE!

I had many badges on my old account, I had at one point, five PCs crunching 24/7, and 4 had 8-core CPUs (two 1700s, a 2700 and a 2700X). I am going to start that account again. WCG scales to the Zen Architecture very well, in that each logical thread on the CPU is given a independant Task. So for my 2700X, in full crunching mode it is running 16 independant workloads, rather than a single one with multiple threads. This scales to the CCX/modular design of the architecture very well. Ryzen empoweres science!

It's good to be back Crunching for Science. :)

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