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CUDA on Folding at Home gets a Boost to Sock it to Crapvid-19. SCIENCE.

Story here:

This makes me Happy. You know that? It makes Sash Happy. Because I now have three CUDA enabled GPUs, and one of them is a pretty large Chungus. That said, the biggest gains are on the two 16-series cards, and I've seen ~63% increase in their Points Per Day on COVID Work Units. That's mental. That's awesome.

Going forward, I'm going to run the three NVIDIA GPUs, (1660S, 1650S and 2080 Ti) on Folding at Home (I was going to switch them to WCG OPN), since that will probably get the best use out of the processors. For World Community Grid's Open Pandemics project - which is going to get OpenCL-based GPU acceleration, I will dedicated the Radeon RX 590 since it only uses OpenCL.

Either way, Science Always Wins.

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