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Do not hate Russia or Russians.

How many times do I have to make this clear? I can hate, hate, hate all day, but I hate Putin and his disgusting scum-government, and I try extremely hard to not fall into the trap of hating Russian people for this mess. Because this post is aimed at normies and normies typically do not read extensive, well-thought out logical/reasoning posts, here are some bullet-points for your neuro-typical brain.

  • Russian people are subject to one of the world's most intense government-sponsored misinformation campaigns every single second of their waking lives. Every second they are force-fed anti-west, pro-Putin lies.

  • Russian people likely truly believe Russia is the "morally acceptable" state in this mess. They likely truly believe their government's lies about Ukraine being "Nazi".

  • Information is a WEAPON in a WAR. Many Russian people are victims of Weaponised Information, they are not innately in support of Putin's aggression.

  • Hating them and demonising Russians is not going to help anything. It will actually strengthen Putin's grip on them, and further cement their anti-west ideology.

  • Unbiased Education is the most powerful weapon against weaponised information. Russians need educating, not hating or some of the other things people want to do to them.

  • The Russian people could be the most powerful ally the Free World has against Putin and the soviet / Russian imperialist cabal that he's part of.

  • If you hate / demonise everyday Russians for the action of their government, regardless of their outwardly stance on the Ukraine invasion, you're a puppet in Putin's game of geopolitical chess.

  • No I'm not saying you can't be angry or upset at ignorant Russians who love & support Putin- to quote a Railjack Crew member from Warframe;

It is not a sin to fail to see the truth. But to reject the truth once it is seen, is sin unpardonable.

Only those who refuse to question their government's lies are truly deserving of the anger. Questioning doesn't imply disagreement. It implies one would decide their stance based on their own observations and information from both sides. I hope that if they actually did this, they would see the errors of their ways.

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