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Fallout 4 with mods: I'm starting a new game.

Well, in case anyone actually reads these posts or watches my videos. In case you saw this video and wondered if I was going to continue this, the answer is no. Well, maybe. I did record nearly 400GB (30 FPS, 1080, so you know it was a ton of footage) worth of videos for that but I just kinda... don't wanna have to sit down and edit it all. Maybe I will at some point, but for now, no.

Instead, I am going to start a new game with the 20 billion mods (it's actually 78) I've installed. I also want to play through slightly differently this time. I'm probably going to be a badass and/or a meanie because I'm always a goodie two-shoes in every game with RPG elements or those kinds of choices.

Anyway, the first video is rendering now, but I didn't speak in it. I think, for Part 2 I am going to speak on the microphone as it is a bit more fun and engaging I think. I will put that video on YouTube sometime today, I was up all night playing and I have an appointment today so I need to sleep ASAP but I'll do it at some point.

Just FYI. :D

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