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(Gaming Video) Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition, Ranger Hardcore Full Dive, Max, 2080 Ti, 1080p, pt3-5

I am really enjoying the experience of Metro Exodus on Ranger Hardcore, no HUD. Little things like not knowing if a door is locked or not (though my memory serves me quite well from the first time I played the game, with the HUD) and how much ammo you have left (that got me a few times in a gunfight, though as I said before, I like to look at how many rounds are left in the magazine on the Kalash through the cut-out designed for that purpose).

Anyway, here are parts 3 and 5. In part 5, I tried several times to openly attack the bandits in the Passenger Car depot in Volga, died many times, but eventually succeeded. Stealth would be a better option for sure! But the tenseness of gunfights when bullets really are lethal is enjoyable for me. Actions have consequences.

Part 3 (Volga):

Part 4 (Volga):

Part 5 (Volga):

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