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(Gaming videos) Some Warframe gaming test videos with Ryzen 9 5950X and 1650 SUPER.

I made some videos lately, and I haven't posted a gaming video post in a while, so here you go. I have been playing around with my lovely new CPU, the Ryzen 9 5950X, and tweaking the settings such as Simultaneous Multi-threading (2 threads per core) on and off, memory speeds, coupled mode and static core overclocks. Here are two videos with emphasis on CPU testing:

In this video I have set the processor to what could be considered the 'optimum' settings for gaming, with the memory operating in 'coupled mode', essentially meaning the Infinity Fabric, (FCLK) Universal Memory Controller (UCLK) and Memory/DRAM clock (MCLK) are all locked 1:1, at 1900 MHz (3800 MHz effective data rate on the DDR4, at a timing of 16-16-16-36, 72 tRC, 560 tRFC, Gear Down on) for minimum latency. This configuration tested with 57ns in AIDA64 memory latency, and 57 GB/s read in the same test. Emphasis on lower latency at the expense of a bit of bandwidth. SMT off means no resource sharing, and a locked core frequency maintains the cores/L3 cache domains at a fixed frequency for steady performance, at 4.65 GHz which is quite reasonable for 16 cores.

Performance is so good, the GTX 1650 SUPER is the bottleneck at all times, over 100 FPS, without dipping to CPU bound once even at 50% render resolution. Which is quite a feat in this environment in my experience.


The second CPU-focused video is in a different location but I will test again in similar locations, for now this is just an 'indicator' of what performance is like in a CPU-focused environment of Hydron, defence, with lots of effects and mobs. In this video, memory settings are asynchronous with an emphasis on Bandwidth over latency. Fabric Clock is locked to 1864 MHz, Universal Memory Controller clock is set to 1033 MHz (1/2 of Memory clock) and the memory clock is at 2066 MHz, for an effective DRAM data rate of 4133 MHz, at timings 18-18-18-38, 72 tRC, 600 tRFC, Gear Down enabled. This configuration tested at 66ns in AIDA64 memory latency result, and 61 GB/s in memory read. In this video the FPS is capped to 144 Hz as that is the ideal frequency for refresh.


The third video here is a GPU test in Plains of Eidolon, with the GTX 1650 SUPER. Obviously, it's fully GPU bound and the performance is pretty good for a card that cost £150 for me a couple years back. The 4GB doesn't appear to be a limitation in Warframe at 1080p, despite the entire capacity being used, as the frame rate consistency / delivery is excellent at all times. The card is overclocked to 2 GHz core and 14 Gbps, within a maximum power envelope of 100W. The card is a low-cost Palit single-fan model with a single 6-pin.

Yes, I'm aware that the locations are different, blah blah, the 4133 result one is capped FPS, blah blah, I'll get to doing a proper test later. For now just consider these as indicators. Also, you smell, so go have a shower. I should, too, because I also smell.

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