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I really love my friends and I'm really lucky to have people that I can talk to and enjoy their company (even if it is mostly online). My long-time friend, who I will refer to by his online name, GOKUSSJ3Z, has stuck by me and been such a great guy to me, bless his heart. I wanted to acknowledge that, but I also wanted to help him out with his content and share his content on my website.


I know I am not "popular" but for the few people that enjoy talking a stroll through the world of Sash-Land (:D), if you really enjoy Warframe videos and streams, this guy is super charismatic, funny, and says it how it is. In fact, his voice is SO AWESOME, I will be asking him to do voice over work for my Science Fiction Universe, over at the Eridonia Archives!

GOKU! Gokey Wokey! You know who you are! And apparently so does anyone that reads this post O_o.


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