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How to over-think something to the point of obsession.

I'm in bed so don't expect an essay. You can read my blog and understand that I'm very much aware of white privilege and racism in society. I wrote my pieces about it here.

I was scrolling the news feed on my phone (big mistake again) when I found this gem.

The author of this article seems to border on obsessive with regards to finding victimhood for minorities. I might write a more detailed piece on this later since I have more to say and my tiny smartphone screen is an enormous bottleneck for my fat fingers.

Anyway, obsessive victimhood and "white boogie manism" is a component in the radicalisation of white racists because it cements the idea that pro- equality ideas are "anti-white". Seems too many of these "progressive" authors are morally projecting, want clicks by drumming up drama, or have nothing to do besides trying to vilify white people.

There's a point when I think you need to stop looking at data in a specific way and start looking at the holistic viewpoint, especially with regards to actor demographics and representation. For example, there non-negative racial discrimination in specific careers due to personal choices or the fact that most black-majority countries are extremely poor and rank low on the development index (itself a result largely from western exploitation in the colonial era, but this is besides the point mentioned in the article).

It becomes tiresome to read work from an author that seems to want to find racism in every data point in their chosen industry.

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