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I had a bad phase recently

I just want to update that I had a bad phase (emotionally) recently and I took my website offline for a while and changed some URLs. The stress and anxiety of publicly posting my hobbies and stuff gets to me and I am still trying hard to cope with it. I think in the long run it is going to be great for me to cope with it, and learn how to deal with it better.

Sometimes I will do this, it's just how I deal with my problems, I'm sorry please don't hate me.

Anyway I changed back the URLs so everything should work again now and I am going to try very hard to actually not have a meltdown again. Everyone that has contacted me via my "friend application" and "contact me" forms has been really nice and I have some new friends to chat to now and I'm really happy with that.

But I'm still just pathetic really, in that I can be overwhelmed by stress/anxiety and this was a directly result of that. I just needed some time, a few days, I think.

Thanks for understanding. <3

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