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(IIWII) Chin up, I literally just said that, to myself. But that is OK.

It is quite surprising what a 2(?) hour nap can do to one's mindset. Or perhaps, just Sash's mindset. Being realistic, not using Discord (this isn't a new phenomena) is likely better for everyone involved, but especially me. I used to spend hours and hours typing in those two tech servers for very little return, as they are almost always DEAD. Well, not dead, but very little activity. I was essentially the life of both of the servers, for better, or likely; for worse. Hey Ho.

Without Sash, there will be tumbleweed, with Sash, there will be... uh, you can read this post to help work that out for yourself. The truth is, I will have more time to work on constructive content for my website, this blog, the Archives, and, well... playing games, crazy modding, fiddling with electricals in real life and generally being happy. Oh, and talking to people who I actually like.

So ultimately, this isn't a bad thing. And as is often the case with Sash's severe mood swings, I just need time to adjust my perspective.

The first thing I'm going to do is open up Steam Friends, turn on auto-sign in again and MEOW at MaikRak. After of which, I am going to move my NAS / Server system over to an actual metal chassis and then I'm going to play Just Cause 3 while in bed while guzzling unhealthy amounts of Coca Cola Zero Sugar.

Now that, sounds like a plan.

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