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List of emotional trigger events

Here is a list of events that trigger severe emotional response from me.

My cat bites or scratches me. - crying and depression. I'm worthless and even my cat hates me. Catastrophic thinking, pun intended.

Watching something bad on the news (I.e terrorism and/or rape/murder stories). - anger and frustration. Results in aggression, sometimes physical. Hatred. Resentment. Hate is bad.

Political/PC/SJW/Racial/Gender stuff I don't agree with. - same as above. Also manifest as extreme views in the polar opposite, including hatred, potentially a coping mechanism. Distressing.

Someone criticises me online. - anxiety. Physical symptoms, stomach "butterflies", shaking, anger and sometimes aggression. Can be hostile if the criticism is interpreted as an attack. (Likely).

Notification of activity on a social media platform. - anxiety. "Butterfly" and shaking. Fear.

Intel fanboys. (This is not a joke). - anger, hatred, aggression. Hostile behaviour. This is one of my 'pet hates'. This anger can sometimes override the anxiety. I've received warnings on a forum before for attacking intel fans.

Someone denies that I've had difficulty. Example: your situation is your fault, "you've had it easy". - whether or not this is true, it triggers an aggressive response from me. Anger, very hostile.

Emotional hierarchy.

How I feel the emotions override each other. This is not a measurement of their severity or impact on my life. It is a measurement of the resultant behaviour if one or more of these emotional effects are present.

Anger > Anxiety > ADHD > Depression > Happiness


I will jump in hyperactivity even when I'm depressed, but I won't if I'm socially anxious (this is extremely hard for me). If I'm really angry or upset anxiety often (not always) doesn't stop my aggressive response. It's the strongest emotion.

I'm rarely "happy" but positive emotions sit right at the bottom of the stack, overridden by every negative one.

I might update this.

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