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(PINNED: Major Update) New Domain and new... Theme.

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

You may have noticed the website is now at, instead of the previous one. That is because I want to move on from the name because I don't want to be associated with certain popular animators, and also because I want to start a fresh slate away from my retarded family (if they seek out the new domain and come to get triggered then, by all means, do so! Stupid cunts). That said, I'm leaving all the 'Sash's Family Sucks' stuff up because I want to make sure their abuse is public :D.

Anyway, welcome to the Eridonia Archives, citizen. If you are not yet a Citizen, please report to the nearest Citizenship Office and declare yourself as an illegal entity; you may then proceed for immediate execution. Have a nice day.

Otherwise, check out the Archives, and keep in mind that the previous alias no longer exists, and Sash's (new name pending) blog is no longer a blog, but is now Posts & Articles. I'm sure you know that already since you're reading this.

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