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Microsoft Edge, please maintain my settings when I select them, thank you. Sincerely, ANGRY SASH.

Let me start by being fair to Microsoft Edge. I like the browser. In every single way, it is fast, has good features and I would absolutely still be using it right now if not for this single issue.

Every. Single. Time. I restart my PC, it resets my option to block the News Feed Content from being visible when I open a new tab. This is a huge issue for me. Why is this a huge issue for me? Well, lately, my anxiety has spiked into the realms of "I'm having difficulty breathing normally" panic-attacks when I read the news right now. That, and most of it makes me very, very angry. BPD angry, you get my meaning.

So I don't need that shit recommended to me. I don't need overly negative stories that trigger these emotional episodes force-fed into my face every time I open a new tab against my will and choice to show headings only, not content. As such, I have moved to Firefox which has a nice clean new tab with no real-world bullshit shoved into my face.

Nice and Clean.

Thank you, Firefox.

All I had to do was open the side bar and the option is right there.

Now let's hope it stays that way.

For my own sanity.

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