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(Mini-Rant) Victim of a Garbage Intel CPU: GaMe Is BaD OpTimIsE

Fuck off if your jimmies are easily entangled around your genitialia or you routinely have [REDACTED] with Intel CPUs (this is figurative).

The level of delusion / ignorance in this "review" is so extreme I don't think I can quantify it in pure text. It does, however, make my blood boil.

I5 7300HQ is literally a super-low end CPU, spec wise. Intel's choice to slap it to "mid range i5" is something entirely different. Well, it would have been reasonable in 2012. Go check out the amazing specifications here. 3.5 GHz is for "single thread": so it's 3.1 all-core (since this thing only has 4 threads - thanks Intel, it's 3.1 ALL DAY in ANY REAL WORLD WORKLOAD). I know because I owned a laptop with this turd in it.

I won't go into details but it was mediocre at best and downright appalling at worst, couldn't handle Fallout 4 which is what I was trying to play on it, though Warframe ran reasonably well.

Metro Exodus is a very taxing game. Not only on the GPU, but also the CPU, especially with Advanced Physics Enabled. This is a game that can use 16 threads, potentially more. I won't sit here and proclaim it is the most heavily optimised game in the world but saying it is "bad optimized" (sic) because your piece of trash quad-core potato can't handle it? Disgusting.

It's attitudes like this that the stagnation of game development thanks to Intel's greed over the last decade has cultivated.

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