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Mood instability.

For your information, I have really bad mood swings. In fact, they are really, really bad. It's distressing for me and I sometimes do weird things to cope with them. Escapism is often the main one, but also I can be a bit hostile. Especially to things I don't like.

Sometimes I will say or post weird things. Don't take anything too seriously or too personally. I am a strange creature. I am trying to cope with somewhat severe mood instability and it's really quite difficult. I'm trying to remain objective and fight the hate and emotions that try to consume me but it is very difficult.

I really need to see a therapist but the waiting times are too long. I have to wait 10 months just for a referal to see Mental Health about by attention deficit. Nice.

I am just trying to be very transparent and open with it.

Just FYI.


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