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My aunt wants to start legal action instead of just talking to me(update with my first 2 emails)

Well, instead of taking to me, she blocked me on all forms of communication and verbally abused my mum. So, that was a nice start.

I emailed her a couple times, on my different email accounts because I knew she would block me on all of them, with emails like this:

Yes it's a bit sarcastic but I'm genuine because apparently she stopped being so "involved" with nan after a short period of time after my initial message, regardless - nothing too rude, panties comment is not offensive, is it?

I've said do many times she just has to talk to me. You know, TREAT ME LIKE AN ADULT HUMAN BEING, not a child who can't think for myself. So she emailed my mum with this:

Even using my birth name which she KNOWS I changed to Ashley (because of my gender dysphoria). She used Ashley on the original text she attacked me with, before blocking me, so why Anthony now? I guess it is her way of further underscoring how irrelevant and illegitimate I am, unable to make my own decisions - likely why she emailed my mother. I'm 27 by the way. This is something else that my sister did to me, they are so alike (Personality disorder).

I really just can't believe this! I shouldn't have sent the emails because I was trying to prod her a bit, you know, after having NO OUTLET for any of the upset or emotional stress she's caused me, but I should have known better; my aunt has serious personality disorders.

Again, Aunt, try talking to me, maybe? You haven't talked to me like an adult despite all my requests, not once. May try that before wasting police time trying to bend the law to your will and get me arrested for having emotions.


Update: I was thinking about how she said I've sending her offensive emails, and how completely bullshit that is, so I thought, for transparency reasons, I'd update this post with the first two emails I sent her and the time frame.

So, I sent her a nice email from my main Gmail account after the incident, it's a long one and needs three screenshots on my phone (I'm in bed lol, CBA to get up to post this on desktop).

The second email was a bit after that, because my mother told me that the Aunt wanted to 'sort things out', but of course couldn't actually talk to ME about it, because I'm a subhuman person with Autism and not an adult at all. So I sent her this on my Proton Mail account (because I KNEW she would have blocked my main Gmail account like she's been blocking all my contact methods).

I was angry when I sent this, but it's all completely true and wouldn't need to have been worded so angrily if she had, you know, talked to me after the incident rather than insult me and block me.

The third email (in the original post) was very recently, a good few months later, from my alternate Gmail account (no, I didn't create it specifically to contact her) and was essentially me 'lashing' out as a way to relieve the enormous amount of anger and frustration I have towards her, and again, I knew she would have blocked the Proton Mail account. Judge for yourself if I should be 'arrested' for this.

Ultimately, my Aunt is both delusional, and completely at the mercy of what appears to be a severe personality disorder, which makes it somewhat ironic given her treatment of me (with my own mental health issues) and her career as a mental health nurse (this is laughable actually).

In fact, her behaviour is low-key recognised throughout the family, and she's been a bully since my mum's childhood; and it's likely even my uncle recognises that. The issue is, I damaged her overinflated ego with my original text of concern; she threw her toys from her pram, because she's spent her entire life not being confronted for her arrogance nor ignorance.

I also wanted to note her comment to 'share the content with the wider family'. This is quite obviously an attempt to 'stir the pot', so to speak, as there's no need to share our personal issue (despite what she might think, this IS between me and her) and is likely just to try and turn the family against me - I wouldn't be surprised if she literally made up false emails to show them.

Regardless, the police have been informed about this situation and I intend to fully co-operate with them should any allegations of 'harassment' or 'online bullying' be made against me. Furthermore, I'll be making counter claims against her to the nature of verbal abuse and disturbance, along with homophobia and threats. All the evidence is recorded, email providers can back that up, (I will readily provide access to my Proton Mail account to police).

So, I am also 'sharing the content' with the wider family', because transparency is important in a situation where I'm being falsely accused of serious things.

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