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Notice to Social Media Users.

If you arrived at my website from such platforms as Twitter, it is important you read this information before either making further judgements, or keeping your jimmies in a tangle.

Please note, I often use the third-person when referring to myself. That is, I will say "Sash is" or "Sash does", etc. That is me. I am Sash.

I'll try and keep this simple, so here you go:

Sash is Retarded. Mood Swings are the norm, and sometimes they are obnoxious.

I am confused and terrified by Human Beings, and the intricacies of the social complex that binds their interactions. That includes with me.

Anything I say on Social Media that is politically charged or related to world events, past and present that are not strictly associated with some form of technology, is likely to be subject to my twisted, and highly volatile view on the world. That view is warped by years of crippling anxiety and abuse, and chronic lack of self control, and often, arbitrary emotional outbursts.

Nothing personal!


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