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Plans for my Gaming PC (23/06/2019)

Oh this is going to be funny. I say that because I change my mind like 27 times a minute about what I'm actually going to do with my Gaming PC. And a few things have changed so I figured, wouldn't it be cool for me to record my thoughts right now on this day and see if they change or if I can actually stick to my plan lol.

Okay so basically here is what is happening with my PC at the moment. I am doing this more for my own sake to record my thoughts lol.

My PC is Pusheen-approved (but not officially :C)

I am no longer using my Radeon VII

Rip. I have given up with this card because it is causing me too much stress. After talking to some friends I have come to the conclusion that I have somehow broken the HBM and that is what's causing my issue. So, I plan to send the card to Fritzchen Fritz so that he may make a die-shot of the Vega 20 GPU, an industry first I think actually. Wouldn't that be really cool? Anyway you should totally check out his Flickr page, he has some amazing photography and die shots on there.


Polaris Eternal

I love Polaris. It's like the eternal GPU reborn three times to do battle with NVIDIA's mid-range and often offering that little bit of extra value. Please don't hate me that I said "value" and implied RX 590's MSRP is "value" because it's not. But I got my 590 for £230 and it's probably the best, or one of the best designs available. They are around the same price as GTX 1660 now, but with 2GB more VRAM and the same performance. You decide what's value in this case. Oh wow what a digression.... anyway about this card...

I am using my trusty Sapphire Radeon RX 590 Nitro+ Special Edition graphics card as my main gaming card right now. I put my 4K monitor on the shelf and dusted off my 1080P 144Hz (I'm going to say it now, I prefer to game on 1080p 144Hz than 4K 60Hz, Once you go high refresh; you never go back). The 590 does really well in all my games and I'm in no huge hurry to upgrade it. Yet!


The biggest problem with Ryzen

Ryzen's biggest problem that isn't widely acknowledged is as follows. When you buy a CPU like the Ryzen 7 2700X that I have, you get an absolute monstrous power-house of a CPU. I mean, like, mine is at 4.3 GHz and this CPU literally gives no craps about anything I throw at it. Ugh. So the biggest problem with Ryzen for me is that: you don't have an excuse to upgrade it.

So do you not upgrade it? No, lol. The itch is always present, the problem is that I now have to admit that I am not upgrading because I need more CPU power, but simply because I just have the itch.

Anyway the 2700X is fantastic and really doesn't struggle in anything I do with my PC so this is a low priority upgrade point but I am going to see about getting a 3000 series to place in my B450 Mortar motherboard at some point, maybe late this year or whatever. Depends on my money situation but as I said: the 2700X has me covered for the foreseeable future.


So what am I going to do this year?

I think for me I am looking at upgrading my Graphics Card first, obviously. But the thing is; I kinda want an RTX card. I know AMD just showcased the new "Navi 10" based cards and the new "RDNA" architecture and while I think this is fantastic and going forward very good for AMD GPU competitiveness, I just feel, at the moment "Navi 10" doesn't bring enough to the table for me to consider it over theRTX 2070. Yes, even if the 2070 is a bit slower and a bit more expensive currently, the RTX card interests me through dedicated DXR acelleration (AMD doesn't even want to enable DXR on GCN cards, even though they could probably do it reasonably well, or at least, better than Pascal). Besides, I am planning to buy if they get a price cut in response to RX 5700XT. £450 is a bit much for this performance for me at the moment. I would be likely to buy a 2070 around 400 pounds or less.

I want to mess with DXR, and honestly, NVIDIA Turing is the first architecture from this company in, well, as long as I have been following tech that really strikes me as a solid, future-looking architecture. So I am almost entirely set on getting an RTX card for my 1080p monitor this year. I don't know which one but it will have at least 8GB of video memory so I am looking at 2070 (or this 2060 8G super if it's not massively overpriced).

So my PC this year will hopefully be Ryzen 7 2700X + RTX 2070. That should have me covered until Big-Navi and Nvidia's own 7nm designs, which should offer a huge uplift.

You're an idiot and you're making an mistake!

Wait what? I guess you could tell me why would be nice please? Thanks!

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