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Random Warframe Video: Flight of the Jimmie Rustler

Empyrean is just too awesome. The big space-ship flying update arrived and I've been essentially playing Warframe non stop (more non-stop than usual >_>). The first few missions are really tough to do Solo, since this first stage of the update is balanced towards co-op with up to four players in the crew of a Railjack (that's the ship).

Well, I hate people so I'm playing it solo, or with one of my Warframe friends. Doing the harder missions at this point essentially requires more than one person - but Digital Extremes have said they are going to add things to ease the pain for Solo players (NPC crews and stuff). That will be great for me.

Anyway, I named my Railjack the 'Jimmie Rustler' (lol) and she's a pirate ship. Cuz' I'm a Fucking Tenno Space Pirate Bitch.

I'm The Captain Now

The Railjack is something between a Corvette and a Frigate in all honesty. In my universe, it is more of a Gunship/Corvette class, but in something like Mass Effect this would easily be a Frigate, as it's probably of similar size to the original Normandy.

Anyway as I do now, I upload my videos to my OneDrive and you can either view them on that or download the video file to view locally at its full quality. Please note I am compressing and downscaling the videos to make them smaller so I don't use all my OneDrive space.

The game is running on Maximum settings, at 2560x1440 Resolution on my 1080p monitor using Virtual Super Resolution. It looks Crisp AF. I love it.

3700X is in 'Eco Mode'; and the RX 5700 is at stock, with a custom undervolt (same as the Auto Undervolt feature) but with a slightly more aggressive fan curve. Performance is fantastic and the game looks beautiful.

If there was any reason for me to go back and play Elite Dangerous, or hope that Star Citizen actually ever releases; it's completely gone now.

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