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(Role Play) A Child

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-1: A child

Ronin insists I create a simple log of my thought processes during the procedure. He seems to find value, perhaps sentimental, in the recording of these thoughts during which we may cultivate his first child. I admit, I do not fully understand the human-emotional response mechanism with sufficient data to replicate his own thought processes regarding the child, but I owe it to him to comply with his wishes.

Data from Project Semperternalis regarding sterilisation of the human reproductive system during infusion is conclusive. Scientists of the Corporation were unable to effectively cultivate a successful offspring due to a variety of factors: the most prevalent of which was unstable DNA replication during the fertilisation process. Based on further systematic analysis of the surviving data from the Project Files, I can conclude the DNA destabilisation theory is mostly correct.

However the exact cause remains uncertain. I have initial inclinations to believe the replication of the protein code is being corrupted by an external factor, not one innate to the cell itself - possibly radiological leakage from the infusion process lingering in isotopes within the blood-stream. However, in vitro replication of the fertilisation process using valid spermatozoon cell candidates still results in the corrupted DNA patterns being passed on to the resultant organism via mitosis...

I am reluctant to inform the Captain that our efforts may be futile. Further study is required.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-2: Simulations

The Captain refuses to accept the futility of the experiment. However, out of respect to my Brother, I will continue as per his wishes. It is of note that after some detailed simulations of the original biological infusion process - I have discovered a third party to the fertilisation process of interest, perhaps the external factor causing the DNA corruption during mitosis. I am dedicating 28.4% of Pathfinder's Neurological Relays to assist with computing the final outcome. Perhaps there is some hope for the Captain here, after all.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-3: New Data

Simulations have revealed promising new data. The external factor during mitosis leading to invalid lineage candidates is almost certainly caused by a parasitic biological code pattern formed during fertilisation. The DNA exhibits normal structure, but a secondary weave of biological code is formed within the nucleus of the resultant cell, causing the genetic damage. Perhaps more interesting, is the arrangement of the new code pattern appears to be cryptographic in nature.

I admit, I was not intending to bring more Neurological Relays online for this project, given our current.. circumstances, but the curiosity - as humans put it - is killing me. I will bring another 20% of the full computational network online to attempt to understand this biological code - perhaps then I can begin to understand how I might remove it, and allow a successful lineage candidate for the Captain.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-4: Code in the Cell

Almost 50% of the Pathfinder's Neurological Relays are now active in computational analysis and simulation of the mysterious genetic code. Initial data appears to suggest the code is intelligently distributed - not a randomised string caused by radiological decay as I previously suggested. Further simulation is required. The Captain is becoming impatient, I understand his drive for a successful offspring, but there is further data he is withholding from me. The human brain remains one of the great mysteries of the known time...

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-5: Ancient Involvement

I have discovered the cause of the 'corrupted' sequence. In fact, it is not corruption at all, but instead an intelligently formed sequence of new biological data; intended to influence the cell's reproductive system with new variables. This, however, doesn't explain the genetic deterioration that occurs subsequently. My initial assessment is the new code is incompatible with human genetic development, causing major flaws in the way the cell interacts with the biological system of the offspring - a cancer.

Perhaps the answer to the question lies back within the remains of the Sempiternalis Project's core files. Despite heavy data damage due to deliberate destruction of the Semper Research Installation, I have managed to isolate a few important details regarding the origin of the biological material used for the original Infusion process - that would manipulate the human cells, giving them their 'immortal' properties. I will run a few more simulations with the remaining Neurological Relays to verify this information.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-6: The Virus

I have irrefutable evidence that the biological 'seed' for the infusion process of the Semptineralis Project was derived from a modified variant of the A-T3 Breeding Strain of the Angel Nebularic Virus. The infertility of the test subjects is caused by intelligent self-adaption of the genetic information, by A-T3, to apparently prevent fertility of the host. The only conclusion I can come to is that A-T3's genetic information contains a 'failsafe' of sorts that prevents exploitation of the ever-lasting properties of its biological code. The Captain and other Sempiternalis subjects cannot reproduce, because A-T3 does not allow it. I will inform the Captain at once...

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-7: New Hope

I have decided not to inform the Captain until I have evaluated the possibility of reversing the genetic damage caused by A-T3's adaption. Perhaps I will be able to create a successful linage candidate for the Captain after all. After some additional computation of the way the Strain interacts with the human cellular mitosis process, I believe I can reverse the damage at the macro-level by applying self-healing DNA manipulations to the newly formed cells using my own adaption of the Bio-medicinal gel used to treat radiation poisoning on Federal Navy warships. I will begin the process immediately.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-8: Promise

I have informed the Captain of the progress I have made. He expressed his gratitude but retained his characteristically 'cool head' to put it in human terms. Despite my detailed behavioural and psychological analysis of thousands of human subjects during my development process, I have been unable to reliably simulate the Captain's thought processes or behaviour. he is truly an enigma. Another mystery for another day. Ronin has expressed his wishes to begin the fertilisation process immediately. As such, I have repurposed a medical intervention unit in Sick-Bay to serve as an in-vitro incubation facility for the potential offspring.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-9: Time

The process was completed successfully. I was able to fertilise a human oocyte cell from the archives successfully. The Captain was not inclined to share any information on the identity of the donor of the cell in question, but I am sure it was an individual of importance to him. I am not one to question his actions. Time will tell if my intervention will produce the viable lineage candidate the Captain so desperately seeks.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-10: A Daughter

Seven Earth-cycle weeks have passed since the successful fertilisation of the oocyte. The results of this experiment are remarkable: after initial growth of the embryonic tissue, I was able to apply the modified bio-medicinal gel to the mitosis process and almost entirely reverse the damage during replication caused by the hybrid human-A-T3 DNA Code. I can confirm the fetus is developing into a female. Initial analysis of the DNA stability indicate no major disruptions to normal cell mitosis. It would appear Ronin has a Daughter.

||CoRE Self-Log 81093-11: Unexplained properties

Despite apparent successful development of the fetus into an infant, I have detected unusual and quite unexplained properties within her DNA. The code from the hybridisation of the human-A-T3 DNA strand appears to persist - even after my attempts to reverse the damage with the modified bio-medicinal gel - however, the code appears to be benign, or at least, inert. According to my projections, the girl will develop into a healthy, walking, talking human being. I do hope the Captain hasn't forgotten any paternal instincts, as human childcare hasn't been the focus of my adaptive neurological capabilities.

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