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(Role Play) Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet.

A Brief History.

The Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet has its roots in a separatist movement opposing the continued centralisation and ultimate authoritarian attitude of the Federal Government of the United Aquarian Systems during the New Federal Era, between 4299 and 4402 A.D. The organisation was founded by legendary Captain Ronin Kociero, commander of the Pathfinder, and something of a myth to most Aquarians in the current age.

Captain Kociero and the Pathfinder served valiantly during the Radacri Wars, operating with the UTN Federal Navy's Special Operations Fleet. After the Fall of the UTN in 4040 A.D, the Pathfinder vanished along with Captain Kociero and his crew; official records in the Aquarian and Eridonia Archives do not contain any official information concerning the disappearance.

The Pathfinder would return to Aquarius some time during the beginning of the New Federal Era, however Captain Kociero's relations with the new Aquarian Government became somewhat cool after Kociero and his crew became disillusioned with the policy of the new Government; ultimately resulting in the breakdown of communication and the declaration of Ronin Kociero as an Enemy of the State. Returning to the fringes of the Angel Nebula, the Pathfinder and her legendary captain began plotting against the new, oppressive government of Aquarius; the Eridonia Free Peoples' Fleet was born.

Made up of a small, but very well organised and trained flotilla of Aquarian dissolutionist captains and defectors, all united under the common goal of restoring the once proud heritage of the Old Federation; the bastions of Peace, Freedom and Equality to all in Aquarius and beyond. With the formation of the ATIS Council and the transition to the Imperial Era in 4402 A.D, it became clear that Ronin's suspicions had been true all along. The new Aquarian Government had set out to exploit the downfall of the Old Federation in order to establish a new, authoritarian state under the control of a fascist regime.

The Peoples' Fleet rescued over a thousand civilians from a brutal massacre by the UAS Secret Service in the Angel Reach, an act of brutality that Captain Ronin Kociero will never forget. As political unrest surges throughout the cluster, The Eridonia Peoples' Fleet might well grow in numbers as more people stand up to the Imperial Government and fight for the one liberty that the human soul craves.


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