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[Role Play] SPARTAN LRMS Missile System

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

First deployed on the RV-AX Fleet Cruiser commissioned into the fleet in 4319 A.D, the S-LRMS (SPARTAN Long Range Missile System) or just, SPARTAN, is a tactical anti-capital ship long range missile weapon system developed by the UAS Naval Warfare Research and Development Branch.

RV type cruisers lacked any kind of axial armament, so it was deemed necessary to implement a long range heavy weapon system that was significantly lighter and had lower energy requirements. SPARTAN builds on the existing PARALAXI LRMS deployed on VE-AX type cruisers, which itself is an evolution of the system used by the Old Federation on Vengeance S3C Heavy Cruisers before the Fall. The SPARTAN Project also includes research from the Hammer of Aquarius Weapons Project, and was designed with similar capabilties. Unlike PARALAXI, S-LRMS is externally mounted for internal space efficiency and simplified construction. In addition, it was unfeasable for the SPARTAN LRM to be contained interally, given the increased size of the projectile.

S-LRMS deployed on a UAS Navy RV-AX Fleet Cruiser.

Primary advancements of the system include an upgraded Jump Drive Array and Subspace Spatial Target Tracking. Like P-LRMS, SPARTAN is capable of long-range subspace jumps, allowing not only increased, extra-planetary range, but also formidible stealth capabilites. The SPARTAN LRM itself increases the payload capacity and allows for a wider range of advanced warheads to be used.

Standard Warhead for SPARTAN LRM MKI is a Cluster MIV warhead with eight independent exit vehicles; upon exiting subspace within a few klicks of the target, the missile splits into its smaller charge, each capable of intelligently seeking its own target with a six-ton payload capacity.

Though not officially deployed, SPARTAN is capable of firing ELR (Extreme Long Range) missiles with Planetkiller warheads, as such, vessels deploying SPARTAN can consitute the UAS's Weapons of Mass Destruction deterrent.



An upgraded variant with larger MIV Payload capacity. Extreme Long Range Ballistic Missile MKII entered service in 4320 A.D after the UAS occupation of Pallas, during Operation Tempest Liberty. Designed to increase effective deployment capacity of SPARTAN LRMS equipped on the Navy's newest RV-AX S2 Fleet Cruiser.

A fully deployed SPARTAN LRMS with MKII Projectiles doubles the salvo capacity of the warship from 16 to 32 Independent Vehicles with a slightly reduced 5.6T Payload capacity. ELR-BM MKII can be configured with lower MIV capacity payloads, or a solid-state warhead of extreme destructive power. Slight upgrades to the Guidance system and propulsion were made after successful field trials of the weapon in Tempest Liberty.

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