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[Role Play] The Senlani Connection

Ever since Humanity had been accepted into the Trade Alliance, in 4300 AD, lead by the industrious Vujlcyon Conglomerate, there had been a strong connection between the new arrivals one of the incumbent civilisations: The Sector Rim Federation, a nation founded by a species known as the Senlani.

On official grounds, there is no special relationship. The two species co-exist peacefully under the banner of the Six Trade Alliance. However, internally, there is much stronger co-operation. When official dialogue between the Six Nations started, Humanity and the Senlani took a strong interest in one another for a very distinct reason: biology.

The Senlani and Human Beings are remarkably similar in biology. Both humanoid, primate-evolved species of warm-blooded creatures, both based on Carbon, and even in terms of physiology, the similarities do not end. Human Beings and Senlani look similar; 44th century human beings have a metalic grey skin tone and stand around 2.1 metres tall with slender bodies - much like the Senlani. Right down to the hair upon their heads and the colour of their eyes.

Make no mistake, the Senlani are Alien: their evolution is as far from human evolution as could be - almost an entire galactic arm of the Milky Way - but scientists from either species could not understand the biological and even genetic similarities. How oculd two completely seperate species evolve to be so similar? The answer is even more mysterious.

A Common Gene

Internal, secretive, scientific co-operation between the Sector Rim Federation and the United Aquarian System revealed something startling: both species share a Common Gene. How this came to be is subject to conjecture and speculation, but many theories; put forward by both species, tend to agree that the two races have a common ancestor; likely millions of years before modern Humans or Senlani became what they are.

The genetic code is complex, ancient, hidden deep within the very core of the DNA of both species. Genetic analsys is underway and initial tests reveal something interesting. The strand of DNA is artificial: it is almost certain that both Human Beings and Senlani were created from the same genetic imformation countless eons ago, by an intelligent civilisation that has escaped all modern knowledge.

Old Earth

Aurc Scriptures speak of Maikor involvement with a garden world in the region of space known to harbour the Sol system, and Earth. Interpretation and radiological dating indicates that the event took place between 60 and 70 million years ago. Old Earth records indicate that modern science in the 21st century believed an ancient species of reptillian creatures; known as Dinosaurs, were forced to extinction around this time period by a large impactor, potentially an asteroid or comet.

UAS Xeonarchaeologistis are unable to confirm the connection - the Old Earth has been lost to time for thousands of years, its fate unknown. However, the UAS Government has identified a potential candidate for the Shifted Wormhole; a mysterious spatial phenomena that originally lead the human exodus from the Old Earth, 3 thousand years prior.

Humanity is facing difficult times. Freedom and Liberty are dying, as old foes re-surface and the shape of Aquarius is re-formed. But the future of humankind might rely on its ancient past: new allies, our long-lost brothers and sisters of the Senlani, and our world we once thought as our birthplace - the Old Earth.

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