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[Role Play]: UAS Federal Navy (UFN) VE-AX-type Heavy Cruiser.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

//Just finished render on 1920x, took about 5 minutes, 2 for trace, 3 for de-noise at 4 GHz all cores, local mode. (1920x1080, 128 samples). (tests for distributed vs local for render coming soon, but I think little difference, as these sorts of rendering programs tend to stay in caches for the most part.

The UAS Federal Navy's VE-AX-type Heavy Cruiser is based on the S3C classification "Vengeance" class HC Hull in service with the Old Federation Navy before the Fall. It is essentially an upgraded, enhanced Vengeance-S3C. These warships, excluding the handful of pre-fall Endeavour-S5 Battlecruisers still in service, are the largest and heaviest commissioned warship in the UAS Fleet. Most of the current fleet was inhereted from the Old Federation's Lorentian Home Sector 1st S3C fleet, but at least two dozen more vessels of the type have been laid down since the establishment of the UAS Federal Navy in 2062 F.D.S / 4300 A.D.

VE-AX Cruiser, designation "UAS-001" (Old Guard), the first new ship of her class to serve in the United Aquarian Systems Navy

As per modernised UAS Naval Doctrine, the VE-AX serves the Navy as the primary Ship-of-the-Line, in that the warship is built to go toe-to-toe with enemy capital ships and act as a shield for the stand-off range support vessels, or a vanguard for a carrier group. Typically, UAS Naval Commanders will not deploy VE-AX type warships until the second phase of an engagement, and only if the enemy maintains its resolve after the Lighting Strike phase from forward harrasser groups, consisting mainly of fast frigates and light cruisers.

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