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(RP Animation) Helia: Routine Patrol, 4501 A.D (Ep. 1-4)

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

What starts off as a "Routine Patrol" for the Helian Planetary Defence Forces stationed on the remote, mineral-rich desert world of Helia 1 in the Angel Reach, quickly becomes a lot more significant, not just to the world but to Aquarius as a whole. This series is set during the first years of the Compliance Era, after the Imperial Annexation of the Angel Reach.

Videos are available via my OneDrive. If you click the link you can view the video or download it. Alternatively, I host some of the videos (maybe not all, I don't like YouTube) on YouTube, so you can view them there via the links below, too.

You can find relevant links to the Archives for entries featured or relating to this series at the bottom of the post.

Episode 1 >> // (YouTube Backup)

Episode 2 >> // (YouTube Backup)

Episode 3 >> // (YouTube Backup)

Episode 4 >> // (YouTube Backup)


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The series will be continued and this post will be updated in the future.

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