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(RP) Flt. Admiral A. T. Kociero, Captain's Log. Entry 2. "Heading home" (4407 A.D)


|| FLEET REGISTER: RT01 AIS 'Nobilis Historia': RT-class Dreadnought: AIN 1st OSF: D1:TF1

|| COMMANDER IN CHIEF: Flt. Admiral Amiori Tenshi Kociero

|| DATE: 15-11LD. 6 I.D.S || LOG ENTRY: #2

|| SUBJECT: 'Heading back to Aquarius.'


The journey through Tempest was mostly uneventful, took the direct route through Lumen to Delta, and hit Primus within the subcycle; not bad considering the circumstances. It's mostly quiet in Tempest these days, save for our deployment as part of the Navy's new Tempest Defence strategy - which makes it all the more concerning for me that Historia is being recalled to Lorentis.

Upon arrival in Caldus Secundus, we were greeted by another OSF division, D3 TF1, commanded by Rear Admiral Maik Rhogar on the ED Imperial Order. Rhogar was with me when we transitioned over to the Imperial Fleet, so it was nice to see the man again, even if we didn't get a chance to catch up on the Navy's payroll. Regardless, Rhogar and the Imperial Order was on OSF business heading G-East again, but apparently the captain of an Imperial Dreadnought isn't privy to his deployment details. Something really doesn't add up.

Jumping from Caldus Secundus directly to Tempest Reach, bypassing Tertius, was fairly straightforward since that system isn't on the patrol rota (Tertius is an OSF training system mostly, did my RT Command Training there, bit of a dead end if not for linking Secundus to Reach for shorter-range vessels).

I'll wrap this entry up, we've just received holding orders from ATCOM in Tempest Reach, waiting to link up with the INSD Task Group in the system, as if out escort wasn't enough.

Captain Amiori T. Kociero, signing off.

|| END LOG ||

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