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(RP UPDATE) Yet another Starship Scale adjustment.

Okay, so the ships aren't quite as big as previously thought. I made a correction to my (wonky) early-blender scale system so that all my models are more consistent in size. Some of the gun calibres have come down, capital ships are a bit smaller and corvettes have remained the same (but larger relative to capital ships). I prefer it this way. There are a lot of adjustments to be made, well, tweaks, but I am mostly happy with this as canon since the revised (original revision) ship size for larger vessels was never "quite right" with me.

SP-class destroyer is now a comfortable 1630M~ in length. Updating Database pages to reflect the new changes.

Important note: INSP Episode 1 was rendered with original revision ship scale, but since you don't really see the capital ships up close it's not a huge problem. The only other major change was the size of the CIWS/PDS D-type turrets coming down significantly.

ROE episodes 2-3 with the Mako-class frigate also have the incorrect scale since I'm not sure the DF430 can fit in the Mako's hangar now, but I will update it as necessary.

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