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RWV: Soloing Empyrean's Veil Proxima mission at 4K (~60FPS) on SPPT overclocked reference RX 5700.

Even the hardest missions are pretty easy for me, now that my Railjack is modded up and I realised Loki Prime and Amesha can basically cake-walk Crewships.

I overclocked my RX 5700 with a Soft Power Play Table mod (so registry only, no bios mod). It's running at about ~1840 MHz and the memory is clocked to 14.56 Gbps. That gives the Navi 10 XL processor 465.92 GB/s peak memory bandwidth to play with over its 256-bit interface. Hooray for GDDR6.

You must download the file to view in full 4K / 60 FPS. The File size is 9.21 GB.

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