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(sash Crap) you know what time it is, don't you? It's that time when I'm blogging in bed at 1 am.

I'm laying here, in my cushy cozy pillow and blanket filled sleeping facility, and I am not okay. Why am I not okay? I know why, but I don't want to say. Sasha's brain works in weird ways and I just have to ride the crazy Train until it inevitably details, killing everyone aboard. How delightfully peachy.

Alternatively I could say what is wrong. Typing on a smartphone in bed is tiresome, though. Okay, I will say what's wrong.

I'm having a depression moment because I'm a fucking Retard. That's why. I ruin everything involving other human beings. Human beings hate me. My impulsivity and unstable mood and emotions cause issues for everyone involved.

My eyes are beginning to close which means I will soon enter the land of unconsciousness, where I don't have to put up with arbitrary emotions attacking me for no other reason than Fuck You That's Why.

TU116 is a great little GPU though. So there's that, I suppose. I have two of them.

I feel sick so I'm going to sleep now. Why are you even reading this? Go away. You'll just get pushed away anyway so I'm saving us both the trouble.

I'm a retard and this website is retarded and subject to Trees and arbitrary things. You know how it goes. I'm so insecure. Sleepytime.

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