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(Sash micro-rant) No Politics? I don't care! Trump is a criminal against humanity.

Yes, I'm glad the asshat hasn't been voted back in by those retards in America that think the GOP is a reasonable choice of government, but it shouldn't just end with his removal from office, it should have ended with his arrest and imprisonment as the criminal that he is, not just for cracking open the racial divides that are already damaged (not just in the US but the world) but also for taking a huge, corporate dump on the environment all in the name of pathetic, objectively long-term worthless "money" for our fragile human economy that exists only on this tiny rock (you know, the only one that has an environment that can sustain us that we know of, or have the ability to reach, that is) in the vast expanse of the hellscape of space where radiation from the sun alone would kill us in days if exposed without Earth's protection.

This man is a criminal, this man represents what is wrong with humanity.





With some extra large servings of racial supremacy and hatred thrown in.

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