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(Sash Rant) Windows "Professional" is not for Professionals, or content creators, really

This is a short rant post about Windows Update being infuriating and restarting my PC half way through a 2-3 hour render which I left on overnight to be finished for when my Elvanse medication (ADHD) kicks in this morning, so I can get straight on with editing it for my next chapter of "Reborn. The Price of Freedom.".

I think you know where I'm going with this. Yes. I wake up to my PC having restarted, minus Blender, having completed 920 out of the 2250 frames of my render. I can't even start off at frame 920 now because of the dynamic particles in my scene require data from the previous frame(s) to animate properly so now I have start from the BEGINNING and waste a good few hours of my precious concentration time because of Windows RESTARTING MY PC WITHOUT MY CONSENT WITH ACTIVE PROGRAMS RUNNING UTILISING CPU AND GPU RESOURCES.



Yes, I'm aware there's an option in the Policy editor or something, to force Windows to always ask before a restart, but it's not enabled by default and I forgot to enable it since I last reinstalled my OS. On the Home Edition, sure, I get it, make sure the computer illiterate masses restart for their precious updates, but in the Professional edition that I run? (I run it entirely because of the Group Policy Editor that you can use to prevent shit like this, ironic huh, since they removed it from the Home Edition).


It should be enabled by default.

I am pretty pissed off, honestly. If you don't have ADHD you don't know how important the small window of medication-assisted concentration is, even to personal projects you are passionate about.

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