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(Sash Thought) 'Radical Acceptance' is an Acceptable Method of Coping with A World Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

While blender renders this scene, I will write this blog post. First let me start by saying I'm not sure if my definition of 'Radical Acceptance' is consistent with the dictionary definition of that term, but I'm essentially using it to mean "Everything is so fucked up, I might as well just smile and watch the world burn around me".

This all started back at school, and a few things since then. I'm not even going to link to the various (and there are many) posts on my blog covering this garbage subject, because it's not important. What's important is that I am here now, and there is absolutely nothing I can do to change the world. So, the only way of 'coping' with the world going to Hell in a Handbasket is to simply accept that it is going to Hell in a Handbasket.

Let's make some examples here, since I know of a few things that triggered this episode, in no particular order:


I should care, I did care, but not anymore. So here is the deal: if the Americans re-elect this degenerate, I give up on that 'state' entirely. From what I've been reading (bad idea, Sash, you know this), at least 55% of Americans are the stupidest, most ignorant, naïve, short-sighted contemptable idiots in human history. Not even the Russians are this stupid, because they're just brainwashed. Trumpets are just Cognitively Dysfunctional, no other way about it. And of course, Democracy will be defeated by populism driven by pure stupidity, no other way about it. Funny, though.

So, smile and watch the world burn - it was funny, at least. I wonder what it will do if it is re-elected? Should I care? Yes. Do I? Trying not to. Next.


Ah, Putty. That frail old codger in the Kremlin, essentially embodying everything that's wrong with humanity (aside from stupidity, that is): greed, lust for control, arrogance, warped ideology and lack of true vision. Oh, and 70+ year old men with far, far too much power. I don't really need to say much about Putty, since there aren't words in the English lexicon that are strong enough to describe my passionate hatred for this aging sack of putrid human tissue masquerading as a person, but that will probably do for now.

Men like this organic trash are the reason why we can't have peace. Why we won't have peace. Humanity is doomed to fail and it's because of men like this. Thanks, Putty! I guess I was born ahead of my time if you're 'Alexander the Great' or whatever.

Oh, and that pathetic little puppet-man you have on a leash, he's just hilarious. That said, I doubt he's truly behind everything he says because, well, he's a puppet. Puppets gonna do what puppets gonna do, I guess.


Haven't spoken much about this guy recently, but he deserves a mention. Though probably a little lower on the list of scum-satchels (though in the wise words of Victor Saltzpyre; it's never a good idea to grade evil since you might end up favouring one, a dangerous path indeed). Pooh is just like Putty, and to a degree, Trumpet, though I think the latter is just more of a cognitively dysfunctional psychopath.

Pooh will be responsible for the future bullshittery, since like Putty, this fucker's eyeing up more war and suffering in his eternal quest for more power and control. Seriously, fuck 70+ year old men with too much power. I'm seriously going to be skirting the boundary of what's actually acceptable to write on my blog (Hosting TOS) if I keep this up, lol.

Everyone Else

Everyone else is just not worth my time, their problems are about as important as a shit stain on a public toilet, and about as worthwhile, too. Still, it would be quite 'amusing' to watch them squirm when the world finally ends - which it will, likely in the next half century to a century.

And when it does, if I'm still alive - nothing I can do but smile. I was at least ahead of my time, I guess. Dreaming of a civilisation that simply cannot be, because of 70+ year old men with too much power. They really are the cause of all of our species' problems.

Millions of young people dying for a few old men in power.

Yet we're powerless to do anything about it.

Quality shit.

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