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Sash thoughts on pre-500 series motherboards not supporting "Zen 3". (UPDATE - now supported)

Updated: May 19, 2020


So it turns out AMD decided to implement support for "Zen 3" on 400-series boards. That's a pretty awesome thing, considering it seems to be made in the interest of the consumer. AMD is doing a lot to increase consumer relations which is nice.

They actually ended up doing something similar to what I thought they could do at the end of the original post.

So, uh, to the guy who emailed me - I'm kinda smug now. Lol.

Original post:


I wanted to make this post after learning about this, to just put my thoughts out here. Someone also sent me a hilariously salty email, so I figured, why not?

If you read my blog or look at my website or content (anyone? ;_;) you might realise that I am a bit of an AMD fanboy. That is because I really like what AMD has done with Ryzen and making high core count CPUs more affordable. I typed so much about this on my blog from before, so you can go read that if want.

Anyway, I am more than happy to bash AMD when I feel like they Gone Fucked Up. And this is one of thos times where my first reaction, when I heard about this, was essentially "What The Fuck, AMD?" I'm objective in my fanboyism, and a rather significant part of my backing of the AM4 platform was long-term support. So yes, when I learned about lack of "Zen 3"

AMD. Y u do dis.

next-gen processor support on pre-500 series boards; I was disappointed. I think I can summarise my reaction with this picture on the left.

I watched Gamers Nexus's video on the subject, and pretty much agree on all points. Marketing BS is something that really pisses me off, something I make quite clear when I talk about Intel.


Moving on to the email I recieved, it genuinely made me smile.

I have a fairly good idea who sent it, and I know they're pretty salty. Insecure, too - but I would be if I was stuck defending how "great for gaming" an i5 6600K is with a GTX 1080 Ti. Except, I'm not delusional.

I felt no requirement to justify myself, but for the record I'll summarise my rebuttal to this email with the following paragraph.

Yes, because my B450 motherboards suddenly don't function any more after it's confirmed Zen3 isn't supported. Suddenly it's like I didn't get the 2700s for 120 quid each, and suddenly the B450 systems won't support 3700Xs on discount next year.

For your information, this is sarcasm. Poor soul must be mad that my Ryzen-farm is outperforming their entire 12-person team in WCG. Hey, so if you're reading this, hon, that's what Ryzen has unlocked - couldn't have done this Science if the 8 core CPUs were still over a grand, could I? :3 Sure it's not about points (I mean, even a single crunched task is a worthy contribution, but points are very juicy, are they not? JUICY POINTS. I DRINK THE POINTS.


On a more serious note; I'll bash AMD into the ground when I feel it's due. The Zen3 support debacle is due for some bashing. I recommended B450 boards to people with that 'promised' support being one of the pros of the platform.

I know what Gamers Nexus said about BIOS branches, but I geniunely want to see Motherboard vendors fix this shit, because they are the ones that created it in the first place. Just have a disclaimer on the website with a ton of check-boxes that say "Yes, I understand this can brick my computer", for enthusiasts who want Zen3 support at the expense of Ryzen 1000 or even 2000 support.

Ooooh, I haven't even updated my blog with my newest plans for my WCG server.

I'll just say that a lot more Science is going to be done.

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