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The Eternal GPU. There is no Escape. (updated)

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Update: I didn't actually sell the 5500XT, and I'm using it now, because the buyer didn't get the memo about UK-only shipping and I forgot to set bidders to be UK-only. Also, my 590 decided that it had other plans and thus was retired to the Wall of Legends.

Original post:


Polaris is the Eternal GPU, and once again, I find myself with a Polaris-based Graphics card. My short fling with Navi 14 in RX 5500 XT was a good one, but the forever Impulsive Sash must sell the newer card to make monies for other things (like debt. Debt is bad. Pro Tip: Don't get into debt). And thus, the venerable RX 590 I bought over a year ago, for £165, returns to me.

Yes, the Derpy one. I don't know if it's still being Derpy, but I also don't really mind. I've tested Warframe and performance isn't really different from the RX 5500 XT, just at 40W higher power usage. <catshrug>

That little tiny rectangle, 232mm2 in size, 5.7 billion, Global Foundries "12nm" transistors within, ticking over, rendering things for me once again.

This little chip suffered at my Clumsy, Cruel Hands, for over a year. Yet he fights on. Every frame rendered with vigor, as if, anew.

Polaris, you are a Legend. It is an honour to play video games on you again.

Welcome home.

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